How to lose belly fat?

Friends, friends, friends!!!

I don’t know whether you are looking to burn down your “Big Apple”

Did I leave you clueless?


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Yes, I am talking about our most hated tummy bag.

I don’t know if you are up for it, but I am burning up to flatten that tummy and be that one eye turner.

There are numerous methods to do that, so I am here with what worked for me and wanted to share it with you – my beloved “Stay Fit With Josh”-ers. 


A study found people who performed excessive exercise and cycling for 24 minutes for 3. days a week gained more fat over 3. months. On the other hand, people who followed a regulated diet and did just Zumba or little exercise like 45 minutes cycling for 3. days a week lost nearly 5 percent of their tummy fat over the same period.



Let’s see what tweaks to our food can flatten our bellies.


  • Avoid sugar and sugar-sweetened drinks

  • Ditch diet soda

  • Eat more protein

  • Eat fewer carbohydrates

  • Eat fibre-rich foods

  • Swap cooking oils for coconut oi

Chuck that C.R.A.P. out of your body:

  • C for caffeine
  • R for refined sugar
  • A for alcohol, and
  • P for processed food.

That’s what it sums up guys. It means you cut out the above-mentioned CRAP to cut out belly fat. Isn’t it simple!!!

Indulge in dark chocolate:

Chocoholics, this is for you. A study found that an ounce of dark chocolate helps weight reduction and B.M.I. Only if all the methods are this simple!!! 


To know more about how dark chocolate aids in weight loss Click here!

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Exercise regularly: That you all do. Don’t you? If you don’t, Let’s begin the JOSH with “Stay Fit with Josh”


Join these amazing Zumba sessions with me and let’s dance out the fat.

Moderate exercise every day can make us healthy and wakes the hidden energetic and jubilant person inside you. It helps in mental health balance too. 

Alongside exercise, follow the below to T.


  • Never skip breakfast.

  • Avoid eating after 8 pm.

  • Reduce your stress levels.

My own method that I followed and saw results.



All you need is fresh Ginger, Black Pepper powder.

Boil the water and add Chopped or crushed fresh ginger (Not dried or lifeless ginger).

Add a pinch of black pepper powder to it.

You can add a dash of Honey (Not sugar) or Lemon to it for taste if you can’t drink the mixture as is.

Cool it down until it’s a little above lukewarm, drink it the first thing in the morning.

Seriously, guys!! the results are tremendous, and I was amazed that it helped me with sinus issues too… (Anyone with sinus issues here…? High-Five…!!!)


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Being a Zumba Fitness Instructor, taking 4 batches per day… The exercise and the ginger water helped me a lot to “STAY FIT”.

 And there are volumes that I want to share with you -my beautiful souls… But later in another blog next week. 


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