Should thin people do Zumba?

First of all, let us discuss what is Fitness?

Many people think that Fitness is about losing weight. 

Every person wants to look slim, fit and wants to stay healthy. But when it comes to Fitness why they categorized that a Fat or overweight person needs a workout and not slim people?


Let me explain, Fitness in detail.

Fitness can be of different forms Cardiovascular, Yoga for flexibility, muscular strength and muscle building, aerobics, dance, etc. 

Fitness means the state or the condition where one has to be fit both Physically and Mentally


A person who is fit both physically and mentally can execute daily activities with optimal performance, endurance, and strength with the management of disease and stress.


What is Zumba?

Well, Zumba is not just a dance it is a form of Cardiovascular exercise with an alternate set of High – medium, and slow Rhythms. Every Licensed Zumba Instructor has to follow this set of Rhythms while taking the classes. 

Exercise is only for Overweight People?


One of the Myths that every person has is that exercise is only for weight loss. Well, the underweight people also go through the same emotional and mental stress and challenge as overweight people. 

Second Myth people usually think that skinny, thin, slim means Healthy and Fit, and they don’t require to do exercise. 

Well, our internal body and external body showcase two different pictures. Looking Healthy and Fit means you have to be Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically Fit and Healthy.


A person who looks thin or slim may not be Healthy from the inside or a person who looks Fat may not be healthy from the outside but can be healthy from the inside. This is a wide understanding. The point is not to be Thin, slim, fat, or overweight. The point is how healthy you are Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically?


So this explains why even Zumba exercise is important for thin, slim, and underweight people.

Reasons Why should everybody do regular exercise!!

Exercise helps to elevate the heart pumping rate and which will help for the supply of oxygen and blood in the entire body.

Exercise Reduces Stress & Anxiety: 

face, woman, mask-1013518.jpg

Everyone has lots of challenges in their day-to-day activities, a Kid going to school to an old person who is retired. They go under some or other stress. Kids have stress regarding studies, working employees have stress regarding jobs and work, homemakers have stress regarding how to keep the entire family healthy. And an old person has stress regarding his future. Well knowingly or unknowingly everybody undergoes some or other stress in life. 

Exercise will reduce the built-up tension and help you to manage your stress in an efficient way

Exercise boost your Confidence and Energy Levels:

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A person who does regular exercise has a lot more confidence than the person who doesn’t do any form of exercise. 


Study shows that children who play physical games are more active than those who don’t play games. When you start your day with exercise it helps you to boost your confidence and keeps your energy level high for the day.


Exercise helps you to have self-control:

head, judge, judgment-1345060.jpg

Self-control needs a lot of effort and it is not as simple as it sounds. Exercising daily will help you to control your emotions mentally and build self-control in yourself. 

When I have started my fitness journey


Exercise helps to increase your concentration:

Exercise is considered an antidote for Concentration and doing regular exercise helps you to focus more on the task you are performing. 

Students and Sports persons have more concentration than other people because they perform physical activities like playing sports, yoga, outdoor games. 


Any kind of fitness will help all the age groups to improve their concentration level and they can focus on a particular task for a long time without any distractions.

Exercise Helps You Sleep Better:

When you exercise daily and set a regular time it will help to improve sleep quality. This is my personal experience, I used to work Night shifts and it was too difficult for me to sleep and I was suffering from Insomnia. When I started my journey of Fitness, I observed a change in my sleeping pattern, and the day when I was not working I wasn’t able to have quality sleep. Setting a fixed time for daily workouts is best to have better and quality sleep.

How should underweight people exercise?

You can choose any form of exercise from below to stay active and fit throughout the day. Always do different activities so that you will not get bored by doing the same form of exercise daily.

  • Cycling

  • Swimming

  • Running

  • Yoga

  • Jogging

  • Dancing

  • Playing outdoor games

Don’t go for heavy exercises like HIIT training or weight lifting, always listen to your body and workout for about 30 mins a day. To know about basic Yoga for beginners follow

What should slim and skinny people consume to be healthy?

Skinny people require more Protein-rich food to be healthy. Eating a lot of protein every day is also harmful. So when you eat make sure it is healthy and fresh. 

Remember this quote 

“Anything in excess is harmful or poison” 


So always eat as much as your body needs, not as per your mind.

Protein-rich foods:


  • Milk.

  • Greek Yogurt or Curd.

  • Beans and lentils.

  • Cottage Cheese.

  • Rice.

  • Eggs

  • Salmon and oily fish.

  • Protein supplements.

  • Nuts and nut butter

  • Red meats.

  • Potatoes and starches.

To learn more about Protein rich food and natural source of protein Click here

We at stayfitwithjosh take classes based on Age group and client requirement. We have designed a specific format of fitness workouts based on underweight and overweight. 

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